Energy Balances

An energy balance is an essential tool to get an overview on the complete flow of energy in a country: from energy provision from domestic production and imports, through energy transformation to secondary products such as electricity and derived petroleum products, and the final energy supplied to the different consumer groups.

Engineering System

To summarize the “energy” in different energy sources they are all calculated to a common energy unit, e.g. tons of oil equivalents TOE, by their calorific value.

Whereas energy balances are published by national statistical offices and international organizations (IEA, Eurostat) in tabular form as figures, Manarasoft provides an online tool for facilitating their analysis and validation, in particular for the project’s partner countries:

  • To improve access to available energy balances.
  • To provide instant analysis and comparison for energy data providers as well as for data users.
  • To allow users to alter energy balance data and save as many scenarios as they need for their own use, and to enable sharing them with others.
  • To provide the users with the ability to aggregate different balances in one set and review its reports and indicators on-line (to add several national to regional balances).
  • To allow for correcting energy data gaps as well as to further improve data accuracy.